We have over 30 years of experience in the Telecommunications industry. Specializing in Toshiba Phone System Repair and Installation as well as NEC DSX Telephone System Service.  If you are in need of a Telecommunications company that can give you reliable service for your companies needs we can support you with a new phone system or even a refurbished phone system with a warranty that can service you well for years to come. If your Telecommunications vendor has suddenly stopped returning your phone calls after they made you a million promises that they will always be around to service you give us a call. Talk is cheap! We have many extremely satisfied customers. It seems that the Telecommunications industry have has turned away from Servicing their customers and building relationships and turned into nothing more that a Sales Force looking to rope their customers into a term contract that just makes them residual income for doing nothing. We are here to Service your business Telecom needs and build a long lasting relationship! We will be here to answer your questions and help you meet your needs. Let us assist you with keeping your existing system in excellent working order and help you to expand when the time comes.

Why Choose Computrak Technology ?

It’s important to People to have a telecom service company that they can trust. Not someone that is always looking to up sell them to the next up and coming technology that comes along. As a Telecom Company we are not against Voip phone services but they have a time and place. We know that Voip is not for everyone. Before you let a fast talking sales person talk you into a system that sounds too good to be true ask for some references. Make sure that sales person and that company will be around to stand behind that product that they are selling you and not just picking up a monthly residual check ! We are in the business of providing quality service to our customers. Customers should always feel confident in the Company providing their service or they probably shouldn’t be their Vendor. 

Products We Support

  • Toshiba Phone Systems
  • Toshiba Voicemail Repair
  • Toshiba DK280/424 Power Supply
  • LAN Networking
  • Surveillance Cameras

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Don't Wait Until It's Too Late !

Toshiba Voicemail Repair, Toshiba, Stratagy Voicemail Conversion, StratagyDK Repair,Stratagy IVP8 Repair, Stratagy iES16 Repair, Stratagy iES32 Repair

.For those of you who have a Toshiba Stratagy iES32 Voicemail and it is still running on a Harddrive I would say that you are lucky that it is still running and I would also say that it is running on borrowed time. Don’t wait until it fails because then it is too late to recover the license file if you have Fax and UM seats. We are a complete upgrade and repair service for Toshiba Stratagy iES, IVP8 and Stratagy DK Voicemail cards. On an iES the CPU fan and Bios battery get replaced. On all voicemails come with NEW Compact Flash card on the Unit. Voicemails will all be loaded with a Factory Image, Licensed and Tested to assure Complete Functionality. We currently service Voicemails for Toshiba Support Dealers all over the United States as well as Secondary Telecom Equipment Dealers. Our rates are very competitive and we have fast turn around times for repairs. Let our extensive Toshiba background be an asset to your business !


In these days and times there are several reasons for installing  Security Cameras. Whether it is for a residence or a Commercial Building there are several reasons to install Security Cameras. We live in a day and age were we are dealing with a lot of Homeless issues. These issues have escalated theft, vandalism and violence that all though it can’t be stopped by installing cameras it can be headed off or suppressed. Security Cameras are not going to instantly stop your issues but they will create a great detour ant by making the cameras visible and posting Camera Warning signs on the property. If people think they are being watched they will be on their best behavior. This is also a great way to keep an eye on your property from a remote location when you can’t be there. We can assist you with installing new security cameras or if you already have a system and are having problem we can repair them. You will find that most of the companies that install camera systems do not want to service the equipment and the ones that say they will service your system will come out only to tell you that you need to replace the system. Not us! We are here to assist you with your needs. If you are wanting to upgrade your system that is your decision. We can do the simplest of installs or create custom mounts if required.

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